The Lion in the Den of the Prophets

Härom dagen skrev Anna Hildebrand på Facebook att “Mannen är normen – i stort som smått”. Det fick mig att komma ihåg det här kapitlet ur Susan Griffins bok från 1978, “Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her”.

She swaggers in. They are terrifying in their white hairlessness. She waits. She watches. She does not move. She is measuring their moves. And they are measuring her. Cautiously one takes a bit of her fur. He cuts it free from her. He examines it. Another numbers her feet, her teeth, the length and width of her body. She yawns. They announce she is alive. They wonder what she will do if they enclose her in the room with them. One of them shuts the door. She backs her way toward the closed doorway and then roars. “Be still,” the men say. She continues to roar. “Why does she roar?” they ask. The roaring must be inside her, they conclude. They decide they must see the roaring inside her. They approach her in a group, six at her two front legs and six at her two back legs. They are trying to put her to sleep. She swings at one of the men. His own blood runs over him. “Why did she do that?” the men question. She has no soul, they conclude, she does not know right from wrong. “Be still,” they shout at her. “Be humble, trust us,” they demand. “We have souls,” they proclaim, “we know what is right,” they approach her with their medicine, “for you.” She does not understand this language. She devours them.