We call your name in times of grief
Appeal, in times of war
With waring eyes we scan the skies
Too frightened to admit our lies
Too proud to feel remorse

With every aching moment here
With every desperate prayer
We draw the line and feign surprise
Too late to learn from our mistakes
To tired to even care

We need your strength when weak, when strong
You guide us straight and true
Throughout our lives, throughout all times
You never deem to compromise
Our faith is born anew.

Owen Laws

Would we know?

If we were to walk together
Where would we go?
Would we take the high road
Dance together in the moonlight
On the slopes, up there, looking down?

Would we feel the breeze – really feel the breeze – through our hair, our fingers, over our ears?
Cold, so we know we’re alive?

Would we lean over the edge, hand in hand, and dare the wind to let up, to let us fall?
Would we challenge the night
Would we lay by the fire, licking the flames with our eyes
And dare the stars to ease our pain?

Would we fan the flames?
Give in to temptation
Chase the waves
Laugh at the stars and embrace the Northern Lights – really embrace, not just with tentatively outstretched fingers
but with our whole arms, our smiles
All our lonely memories?

If we were to die together, how would we know?
If the road we had walked was the one – really the one
Our road, our slope, our fire, our night?

If the stars had danced for us, if the Northern Lights had been our silver curtain?

If we were to sleep together – really sleep,
that kind of sleep where I fall asleep on your shoulder and you dream of me
And in the morning I try to wake up but you let me sleep on, so you can sleep on
And when we wake up it’s a new day – really new, not just a new version of an old day –

If we were to sleep together, would you still respect me in the morning?
The late morning, because we really – you know – slept?

If we were to walk together, up that road, where would we go?
If we never did, would we ever know?

Owen Laws

Till Angelina.
Påbörjad under och inspirerad av en oväntad jazzkonsert med Nacka Forum, på Gamla Tingshuset i Östersund, tillsammans med Mats Blid. Tack Mats för tipset :-)

Ready To Fly

Are you ready to fly?
Leave your dreams behind
Out in the big wide world
Without a cry?

Taking leave of your senses
Time is just a dream
Always on the move
Life is not what it seems

Are you ready to try?
Leaving the miles behind
Stars in your eyes
Never knowing why?

Taking leave of your senses
Time is just a dream
Always on the move
Life is not what it seems

Are you tired of the fire?
The flames, the high wire
Licking at your feet
Like a virtual pyre?

Taking leave of your senses
Time is but a dream
Always on the move
Life is not what it seems

Are you burning with desire?
The heat, the ocean tide
Sweeping away uncertainty
Letting go, reaching higher?

Taking hold of your senses
You have all the time you need
Always on the move
Life is greater than it seems

Are you ready to fly?

Owen Laws

The wind

A dream
A thought
Time enough to feel the breeze

A picture
A feeling
A long walk under the Aspen trees

Birds call
Springtime brightens up the sky

Long hellos and sad goodbyes

A wink
A word
A smile to carry you through the day

A truth
A dream
Memories guide you along the way

The hug
The tears
The pain that follows you through the years

The water
The laughter
The wind that cleanses you from your fears.

Owen Laws

The Spiral Dance

Come take a chance
The spiral dance
Let’s weave a trance and see

Just you and me
With just a glance
A lifetime to be free

Let’s walk the road
And learn the code
Let’s burn the fire hot

Let’s dance the night
With moon so bright
And remember what’s forgot

The spiral dance
Let’s take a chance
Come weave a trance with me

We’ll burn the codes
And pave new roads
And dance till we are free

Let’s dance the dance
Till morning comes
Our bodies burning bright

Then hands raised high
We’ll meet the sky
And set all wrongs to right.

Owen Laws

Field and Stream

En dikt jag skrev när jag var 15 16 år, där runtomkring. Jag kommer ihåg den än.

Field and Stream

Field and stream before the sunset
Nature’s beauty to behold
Fleeting glimpses of a daydream
Almost real, and yet still old
Beauty’s passage – everlasting
Feel the blast of icy cold
Mournful cries of death deceiving
Eyeing something new and bold
Crying out for life and living
Yet still waiting to be told.

Owen Laws


Ny dikt.

Some bear the weight throughout their lives
Never asking why
Some dare to dream but not to live
Until the day they die
Some see the cross but not the light
Shining in their eye
Some try to run but always walk
Even though it makes them cry

We know so much, yet cannot see
The truth for all the lies
We need to feel a touch of spring
In the winter of our lives

What message do you seek my friend
Whispering through the pines?
What goals will you abandon now?
What will you leave behind?

When you leave this worldly life
What will you have to show?
What will you give?
What will you take?
What is there left to know?

Owen Laws