Vinter igen / Winter Again

Vinter igen
Objuden men inte oväntad
Lägger sin mjuka, stränga hand över vårens fromma förhoppningar
Och viskar: de e je som bestäm

Winter again
Uninvited but not unexpected
Lays it’s soft, brutal hand over the fallowing Spring
Whispering: Who yo mamma?

Owen Laws

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A Thousand Lives

You only live once they say
But you know that isn’t true.
Second chances come our way
We get to love another day
Sometimes we get a clue.

We learn to give more than we take
And fix the things we break.
We learn to forgive instead of hate
And give more than our due.

You only live once they say
But that’s just so not true.
‘Cause I’m gonna live a thousand lives
And every one with you.

Owen Laws

To Angelina, my best friend and lover

Born Anew

Cary me
And I’ll carry you
Dream together
Be born anew

Speak to me
And I’ll speak to you
Meet together
Two points of view

See me
And I’ll see you
Catch our breath
Without a clue

Hear me
And I’ll hear you
Weigh the balance
Tally the due

Hold me
And I’ll hold you
No tomorrow
A chosen few

Take me
And I’ll take you
Give our all
Be born anew.

Owen Laws

Inspirerad av en fin mini jazzkonsert av Modus Vivendi vid Östersunds teaterförenings (ÖTF) årsmöte tidigare i kväll. Jag flög bort ett tag…

In the Undertow

I’m lost in a sea of love
And everybody dear to me
Is struggling in the undertow
Of broken promises and fading dreams

Trying to make the best of things
Hanging on for dear life
Clinging to what really matters
In the flotsam and jetsam of my life

Sometimes I get a fleeting glimpse
Wow! “That’s just the way I pictured it!”
Then, moving on, distracted
And it’s gone, just out of reach, slipping away in the current

I wander and wait
Hope and explain
Love with all my heart
Trying not to blink
Trying, always trying
To set things right
Swimming against the current
Trying, with all my might

Owen Laws

Another Night

Nightly distractions
A reason to not turn off the light
Is there something in the darkness
That pushes me away?
I love to sleep
But for the slipping away…

I yearn for the peace of oblivion
The quiet sigh of a closing eye
To let go without surrender
To be free and at peace with the night.

Owen Laws

Inspired by Tom Quontamatteo’s Emptiness That Plays So Rough

If You Were a Day

If you were a day
The sun would be setting
Bright, red and firery
Old and new
If you were a day

If you were the night
The stars would be your eyes
Patient and true
No going back
If you were the night

If I had my way
There would be no tomorrow
Just the curve of your back
Your hand in mine
If I had my way

If you were the sky
Eagles would fly there
Circling, waiting
Biding their time
If you were the sky

If you were a dream
I would be your awakening
A soft kiss in the morning
Whispering you back to earth
If you were a dream

Owen Laws

Till Angelina. Jag vaknade mitt i natten med dig i famnen och dikten i huvudet. Det gick inte att somna om, var bara att kliva upp och ta vara på den.