Would we know?

If we were to walk together
Where would we go?
Would we take the high road
Dance together in the moonlight
On the slopes, up there, looking down?

Would we feel the breeze – really feel the breeze – through our hair, our fingers, over our ears?
Cold, so we know we’re alive?

Would we lean over the edge, hand in hand, and dare the wind to let up, to let us fall?
Would we challenge the night
Would we lay by the fire, licking the flames with our eyes
And dare the stars to ease our pain?

Would we fan the flames?
Give in to temptation
Chase the waves
Laugh at the stars and embrace the Northern Lights – really embrace, not just with tentatively outstretched fingers
but with our whole arms, our smiles
All our lonely memories?

If we were to die together, how would we know?
If the road we had walked was the one – really the one
Our road, our slope, our fire, our night?

If the stars had danced for us, if the Northern Lights had been our silver curtain?

If we were to sleep together – really sleep,
that kind of sleep where I fall asleep on your shoulder and you dream of me
And in the morning I try to wake up but you let me sleep on, so you can sleep on
And when we wake up it’s a new day – really new, not just a new version of an old day –

If we were to sleep together, would you still respect me in the morning?
The late morning, because we really – you know – slept?

If we were to walk together, up that road, where would we go?
If we never did, would we ever know?

Owen Laws

Till Angelina.
Påbörjad under och inspirerad av en oväntad jazzkonsert med Nacka Forum, på Gamla Tingshuset i Östersund, tillsammans med Mats Blid. Tack Mats för tipset 🙂